Life Changing Benefits of Chair Yoga

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Rachel instructing class in chair yoga

Sometimes it is the words of clients themselves, that say it best. Please read a powerful testimonial of chair yoga and the impact of it on life.

“A little over a year ago my husband and I started taking chair yoga with Rachel.

She came to our stroke support group looking for anyone that wanted to try yoga.

Surprisingly, my husband wanted to go and this surprised me. After a month or so I realized that the yoga was helping with my arthritic knees.

At that time, I was receiving cortisone shots for my knee pain every three months. That meant that I was in pain for four months a year.

The chair yoga with Rachel strengthen my knees so that I didn’t have to have cortisone shots every three months.

For me this was life changing.

My husband had three strokes five years ago and has taken as much physical and occupational therapy that his insurance would allow.

The chair yoga has helped him in many ways. Since he has been doing yoga therapy with Rachel for many weeks he says that he is doing movements that he never did with physical and occupation therapy.

She is also getting him to do posture that help him achieve more independence from the body that his strokes gave him five years ago.

This is changing his life, too.”

-April M.


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Group in Virabhadrasana (Warrior II)

Yoga WILL help me connect with my body.

Yoga WILL guide the journey within.

Yoga WILL show me my own strength.

Yoga WILL help me know myself.