My Journey

Yoga helped me connect with my body.

Yoga guided my journey within.

Yoga showed me my own strength.

Yoga helped me find balance between strength and softness.

Yoga showed me how to love myself no matter what.

Yoga made me more resilient.

Yoga helped me live in the present.

And yoga WILL enhance your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

I believe that, because I lived it.

-Rachel Jarmusz

My Story

Brain scan with images from hostpital

MyYogaWill was born out of my journey using yoga as a tool for regaining strength while restoring health after a massive ischemic stroke I had in 2009, not long after giving birth to my second son.

It threw me for a loop. Recovering from the pain and the physical limitations of the brain injury left me feeling discouraged and frustrated. I was told to prepare for life in a really fancy wheelchair, yet days earlier I was simply me.

I was 25. A wife. A mother. A recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Eager to start teaching in the public-school setting.

Yet within seconds everything changed. I could see the life I knew had quickly slipped away and all I saw was the limitations my body faced in the present moment. It sucked big time (no other way to put it)!!

Fortunately, I began to regain strength in my leg rather quickly. I did various kinds of conventional therapy, used prescription medicine and various unconventional treatments and exercises, like acupuncture, massage and Pilates. But I always returned to feeling disappointed.

Then I found yoga.

For me as a stroke survivor, yoga was a way to reconnect to myself. It was and continues to be a way for me to feel hopeful. It simply makes me feel better. My Mind, my body, my spirit.

After years of practicing, I got my 200 hour registered yoga teacher certification through the Yoga Alliance and in addition took an Adaptive yoga training, so I could properly share all I had learned. I am not a ‘yoga therapist’, nor do I plan to be. While I find value in the new emerging field, it is not for me. I will continue my education through the Yoga Alliance and develop my own teacher trainings in years to come. I am a teacher at heart.

I am also not by any means “healed”,  I don’t like using that word Because I don’t think we ever completely heal from things, trauma simply transforms into incredible wisdom if we allow it to. Healing connotates a process that has a beginning and end, a once I get there… bam I’m healed; therefore, I’m done.  There is no starting point or ending point when it comes to health or wellness, it is an ongoing thing. I think this is an important factor to consider.  You cannot finish or complete Yoga, pretty much ever.

It becomes a part of you, with you in all that you do.

This is really cool because it means it’s always with you and literally cost $0.00 to do yoga in your home.

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through yoga can be for you. Trust me, the media portrayal of yoga is not always accurate. There is no prerequisite. It is literally for any body!

I believe without a doubt that yoga is a practice that brings us into ourselves, allowing us to reconnect to ourselves after a traumatic experience in life or sudden injury may have disconnected us from ourselves.

This journey of restoring health and hope, ultimately lead me into deeper parts of my soul – parts I may have never been in touch with to begin with.


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Group in Virabhadrasana (Warrior II)

Yoga WILL help me connect with my body.

Yoga WILL guide the journey within.

Yoga WILL show me my own strength.

Yoga WILL help me know myself.